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We understand accessibility is a journey, and organizations can be at different stages. We also know accessibility is an evolving concept, so taking a “fix it and forget it” approach to digital accessibility is costly, ineffective, and risky. Incorporating accessibility principles and practices into an organization takes time, persistence, and experienced leadership.

At LCI Tech, we help organizations navigate every phase of accessibility – from testing to program management. Our experienced Accessibility Services team will collaborate with you to provide resources and support through each of the following services:

Accessibility Testing

You may have just launched a new website, or have an existing site that has been meeting your needs – but if it is not accessible for people with disabilities, it is not complete. Only a thorough testing, which must include a combination of an automated web crawler and a human tester, will confirm whether or not your site meets accessibility standards. At LCI Tech, we make sure that your website and apps are ADA, 508, and WCAG compliant, by offering the following:

  • Highlight accessibility issues across your site
  • Assess your level of compliance
  • Share recommendations to make improvements to the site
  • Show you the barriers assistive technology users may face while interacting with your site

Usability Testing

Your app or website may be designed and coded to meet accessibility standards, but it may not be usable by people with disabilities. We can provide you access to hundreds of people who are low-vision or blind to provide user feedback and/or testing.

  • Provide valuable insight from actual users of assistive technology
  • Furnish feedback to make improvements to the User Experience (UX) for people with disabilities who visit your site or use your mobile app
  • Offer recordings of the barriers assistive technology users may face while interacting with your site or mobile applications

Accessibility Training

You may have talented developers, designers, content creators, and program managers, but having a trained workforce in accessibility means your team is learning new skills that can improve the design of your app, reduce development costs for your website, and create a more inclusive working environment. We reduce the compliance risk for your organization and instill confidence in your team, by training them on the importance of web accessibility, the requirements for accessible web design, and where they can find additional resources on web accessibility.

  • Share best practices for digital accessibility and how you can improve access to your digital content for people with disabilities
  • Provide an understanding of WCAG, Section 508, and ADA standards, and how it affects your organization
  • Share actionable items that everyone in your organization – including content creators, designers, developers, and management – can do to ensure that your organization is compliant with these standards

Accessibility Monitoring

As you update content and add new web templates, there is a high chance that unexpected accessibility issues will arise. Once you have met your desired level of conformance, it is important to plan for regular website checks and evaluations. We help you salvage all the hard work that you put into remediating your site, by utilizing an automated web crawling solution to provide you with ongoing reporting, so you can ensure that your site remains compliant. LCI Tech can:

  • Generate a report of the accessibility issues based on WCAG 2.0 standards
  • Show the analytics reflecting website issues to clarify severity and frequency for easier prioritization for fixes
  • Provide insight into accessibility issue history to target which digital content might need help with improving accessible practices

Accessibility Program Management

You may have had success with testing and fixing a single website, but in order to ensure that accessibility is understood and supported by all business stakeholders as an integral part of your software development and web content management processes, you need accessibility program management. LCI Tech can help your organization by:

  • Making the business case for accessibility
  • Preparing executive leadership to sponsor and fund accessibility initiatives
  • Creating and implementing internal accessibility policy
  • Starting and maintaining an accessibility program to organize and track progress over time
  • Ensuring all staff receive the proper training they need to be successful, including those with roles in: Digital Marketing, UX Design, Web & App Development, QA, Program Management, IT, Procurement, etc.
  • Designing metrics, KPIs, dashboards and scorecards to measure success and instill accountability across teams
  • Building internal community of accessibility champs and subject matter experts
  • Instilling inclusive design best practices, to “shift left” in the software development lifecycle, prevent accessibility problems, and deliver more usable experiences for everyone
  • Collaborating with HR Diversity & Inclusion programs to promote disability inclusion in hiring, management training, and employee support networks
  • Building organizational maturity and sustainability in accessibility over time


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