Together, we must remove the physical barriers we have created and the social barriers that we have accepted. For ours will never be a truly prosperous nation until all within […]

by |July 26, 2019|3 Min Read
Last Friday I had the honor to present at the Event and Arena Marketing Conference (EAMC), and I could not have asked for a better time to visit the city [...]
by |June 20, 2019|5 Min Read

By John Samuel Introduction   In November 2018, I attended the Innovate Raleigh Conference, which was an event focused on bringing together key stakeholders driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the […]

by |May 1, 2019|5 Min Read

By John Samuel   “People with disabilities make up roughly 15 percent of the world’s population but much of the existing research on employment for people with disabilities focuses on […]

by |April 22, 2019|3 Min Read

  by John Samuel   In 2018, Bose – who is best known for its speakers and headphones – announced that they were getting into augmented reality, with the launch […]

by |April 1, 2019|4 Min Read
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