North Carolina license plate that says a11y
A11y and Allies
June 8, 2020|Digital Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion | 4 Min Read

Recently, my family and I got a vanity plate for our car. We drive a very nondescript (also known as boring) car, and once we found out that personalizing it […]

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Photo of multiple gift cards
The Desire for Inclusive Design Versus Frivolous Lawsuits
May 22, 2020|Digital Accessibility | 5 Min Read

By Susanne Meyer Recently, US Supreme Court Judge Gregory Woods found that Title III of the ADA does not require retailers to add Braille to their gift cards. This judgment […]

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Blind Dreams
April 30, 2020|Uncategorized | 6 Min Read

Coronavirus has brought scientist as well as the general public a number of surprises. The most recent one of these concerns the frequency with which people dream, the vividness of […]

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